1. Visit Eilat Artist’s Gallery – located in proximity of Eilat Museum, the Artists Gallery exhibits dozens of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photographs, ornaments ceramics, etc. all the work of local Eilat and Arava artisans. These artisans who originally came to settle in Eilat from all over the world, exhibit an exciting display of colorful and diverse art works that can be purchased on site. The exhibit is renewed every couple of months.
    Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10: 00-20: 00,
    Fridays and holiday eves            10: 00-14: 00,
    Saturday                                      12: 00-20: 00.
  1. Cycling Trails – Eilat’s perfect annual climatic conditions and spectacular desert backdrop makes cycling along the city’s many cycling trails challenging and fun. A route map can be found on the JNF website or at the Tourist Office located at “Beit Ha’Gesher” Bridge House n Eilat.
  2. Visit the Ornithological Park – Eilat’s Birding Park is a project by the International Birding Center, which was established to serve the millions of migrating birds that pass over the town twice a year. The project has won numerous international awards. The Park is located at the northern entrance to the city near the Jordanian border and has a freshwater and saltwater pool, each one offering a sanctuary for different species of birds. The Park has two hiking trails and several observation points, where visitors can observe numerous species of birds, as well as various species of “passerby” desert animals. Guided tours are optional at an additional fee, advanced booking is required.


  1. Eilat Water Fountain – Israel’s largest water fountain is now open in Eilat. The fountain spreads out over an area of 1,500 square meters, has 350 water jets that reach the height of about 30 meters and approximately 400 colorful LED lamps. The fountain is a great place to visit if you feel like cooling of in the middle of the day and splashing around on the surface with the water jets, at night the fountain has a spectacular audiovisual show
  2. Skate Park – a unique and innovative attraction, built especially for addicts to sports on wheels! The skate park features professional and innovative stunt tracks built to international standards.
  3. Enjoy the newly renovated promenade – free from street stalls, Eilat’s newly renovated and clean promenade offers a variety of attractions, free internet access and during certain seasons, musical performances and dance performances open to the public.
  4. Watch a spectacular audio-visual show on diamond mining, at Eilat’s stone museum, where you can see Eilat stone, learn about its powers and why this stone is so fascinating. For further details, please contact 08-6336363.
  5. Hiking Trails – Eilat Mountains offer a variety of hiking trails of assorted levels of difficulty, short fun tracks, tracks suitable for families and adults .

For more information and to book a guided tour, please contact the Tourist Office 08-6309111.

  1. Snorkeling – Eilat’s coral reef is one of the most beautiful in the world. Divers from all over the world come to enjoy the stunning underwater landscape of the Red Sea. Equipped with a diving mask and snorkel and even in shallow waters you can discover and explore spectacular corals and hundreds of species of fish who are not afraid to get close to you. The clear waters of the Red Sea, allow you a fantastic view numerous fascinating, unique and colorful fish
  2. Join in on free guided city tours: “Eilat – Past Present and Future “or “Eilat’s Surrounding Nature “. Come and learn about the history of Eilat, settlement in the past and present or join a city tour that shows you fascinating desert nature.