1. Winter and summer Jazz Festival – probably the most renowned event in Eilat. Every year for the past 30 years, one week in August is dedicated entirely to jazz music. The Summer Jazz Festival celebrates four days of vibrant and fine music, with performances by leading international artists and Israeli jazz artists, who are currently considered the beating heart of the jazz world. The Winter Jazz Festival – the ‘younger brother’ of the Summer Jazz Festival was born out of the desire of Eilat and jazz lovers to enjoy high-quality jazz performances more than once a year. For an entire weekend, top class jazz artists perform quality jazz perform at various venues throughout the city in a completely different atmosphere from that of summer festival. redseajazzeilat.com
  1. Eilat Chamber Music Festival – Eilat’s International Chamber Music Festival is held every year and hosts a long list of premier international and Israeli chamber music artists in an exciting celebration of sounds performed with the scenic backdrop of Eilat. Additionally , each year the festival holds master classes, in which dozens of music students from different countries are instructed by renowned violin, cello, trumpet and piano musician teachers from around the world. eilat-festival.co.il
  1. Israman – Ironman triathlon held annually in Eilat. 1,600 athletes set off from the start line. The entire city is painted in a theme of sport and health that can be experienced throughout the town and in the restaurants israman.co.il
  1. Beer Festival – Eilat’s biggest street party offers four days of beer, live performances of best Israeli artists and leading DJS. Admission is free!
    A huge 500 sqm street-style beer bar serving over 50 brands of international, Israeli  and boutique beers.
    The festival takes place on the promenade, adjacent to Mall Ha’Yam shopping mall and “Pninat Eilat” center. Admission is free for everyone. www.redseaeilat.com
  1. “Biennale” – Art and Wine – held during Shavuot , this two-day event is dedicated to contemporary art, exhibiting the works of approximately one hundred creative artisans, including sculptors, painters, photographers etc. alongside street performances with unique living sculptures and original art. The Biennale is held at the Artists Gallery and Museum of Eilat Plaza , and admission is free. redseaeilat.com
  1. Eilat International Desert Marathon Weekend – is the only one of its kind in Israel and one of the few that conform with a full and professional marathon format. The marathon takes place in challenging field conditions on the breathtaking backdrop of sea and desert. The marathon has won worldwide recognition, attracts and hosts participants from 30 countries. desertrun.com
  1. Eilat Street Theatre Festival – a colorful and vibrant festival with dozens of international artists performing diverse and surprising street performances. The street artists and performers come from all over the world, and are renowned leading ensembles from various countries such as Sweden, Austria and Germany, perform alongside leading local artists from Eilat and Israel in a variety of exceptional performances. The festival takes place on the promenade and admission is free. redseaeilat.com
  1. Eilat White Night Weekend – the perfect experience for clubbers! An enormous open-air dance floor, constructed near the eastern lagoon with thousands of clubbers, in front of a stage with High-Tec video art and affects, monstrous sound and captivating atmosphere with the leading international EDM artists! redseaeilat.com
  1. International Women’s Fed Cup –Eilat is classed as a city of international sports and annually hosts approximately 50 international sport competitions. The Women’s Tennis Fed Cup has been hosted here several times and top women players from 14 nations come to sunny Eilat to compete in the Fed Cup Europe/Africa Zone Group. redseaeilat.com 
  1. Ornithological Festivities during Succoth, Hanukkah and Passover – Have you ever seen a bird on vacation? Eilat serves as a crossroads and for millions of migrating birds that stop over here to rest before continuing their journey to nesting sites in Europe, Asia and Africa. After having crossed the barren Sahara Desert, they arrive hungry and exhausted at the Eilat Ornithological Park where they can rest and find food they need for the rest of their journey. We, at the same time, invite visitors to come and see the birds in lakes and in the Park that is a natural habitat for them. Three times a year the park holds an event where families receive complimentary guided tours where they get acquainted with the birds and their researchers along with many other activities and surprises. eilatbirds.com

** Contents are subject to change, further details and dates of events can be found on the Municipal Tourism Corporation website www.redseaeilat.co.il  or download the free app  – Eilat Plus.