1. Beaches and Promenade in EilatThe beaches in Eilat spread out over 13 km and all provide a magnificent view of the surrounding Edom Mountains. Some of them are supervised beaches with lifeguards and even a beach that caters for the religiously observant. Some of the beaches offer water sports, diving sites, coral reserves and also a port. Eilat’s beaches are a natural resource that add a unique charm to the city and fertile ground for tourism in general and particularly diving tourism. Eilat also hosts a variety of national and international sports championships that include triathlon, open water swimming and more. The city is also renowned for the scientific research done at the Marine University and Research Institute of Oceanography alongside various academic studies in the field of marine biology. In Eilat we conserve the Red Sea and keep clean beaches. We invite you to enjoy the magical shores of Eilat , the magnificent promenade and help us preserve  them.
    2. Blue Flags in EilatEilat boats three Blue Flag marine areas. One at the Seagull Beach (Shchafim) , one at the separate bathing beach and one at the municipal marina. The Blue Flag is a worldwide quality mark given to beaches and marinas that meet international standards of environmental management, education and information, water quality, safety and services. We are proud of these Blue Flags that are evidence of our endeavors to conserve the environment, the Red Sea Gulf and its beaches.
    3. Beach AccessibilityEilat offers the disabled disability aids at three locations to assist water access on supervised beaches. This dedicated equipment is located near the lifeguard stations in three separate points along the northern coast and enable the physically disabled easy access to the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.
    4. Uniform Prices at Eilat BeachesAlongside the unique climate, magical coastline and superb diving sites, Eilat also offers uniform prices at most of the beaches, ensuring that visitors and tourists receive fair prices to meet everyone’s pocket. A small bottle of mineral water costs 5 NIS, a large bottle of water 10 NIS, a soft drink 8 NIS, lollipop – 4 NIS, beers -1/2 liter  24 NIS, 1/3 – 18 NIS , large portion of French fries 20 – NIS,   deckchair 6 NIS and  sun lounger 12 NIS. The price list can be found  on signs at the entrance to beaches  which offer these recommended prices.
    5. Eilat PromenadesThe shores of Eilat are enhanced with pleasant and inviting promenades, where you can stroll and enjoy artistic sculptures made by Israeli artists. The North Promenade, starts at the historical “Um Rash Rash” site where tourists can read historical information about Eilat in a range of languages,  and ends at the Bazaar. Here you’ll find a market with a variety of stalls that are open seven days a week between 9: 00-23: 00. The  East Promenade starts at the bridge located adjacent to the marina and  ends at Herod’s hotel where there is an outdoor sports park that is available for use free of charge. The Ice Park Promenade has a pedestrian bridge that runs from the King Solomon hotel to the Ice Mall.    The Southern Beach Promenade is located in Coral Beach where you can take a pleasant walk along the southern coast.