1. Whilst on your way make sure to download the free Eilat Plus app with all the updates on the most current events and worthwhile information you need to know.
  2. Camel trips or donkey carriages, a desert tour experience!
  3. Diving with dolphins, anyone over the age of 8 can do it! An extraordinary experience that connects the body and soul. Dolphin Reef Eilat dolphinreef.co.il
  4. A meeting with sharks, this maybe the closest and surely the driest way to meet them! The Shark Pool is the largest pool at the Underwater Observatory Park, dedicated to the kings of the sea – “the sharks”. This huge pool, containing 350 thousand liters of seawater, is home to various species of sharks who swim as close as you’d want to get in the gigantic display windows, surrounding the pool. coralworld.co.il
  5. Bird Lovers -Eilat is renowned as one of the world’s most important places for migrating birds, come and see them, hear them, learn about them and fall in love with them in their natural habitat. http://www.eilatbirds.com/
  6. An introductory dive, or at least snorkeling – Eilat is considered worldwide as a favorite dive site, mainly due to perfect year-round weather, excellent diving conditions and calm seawater allowing excellent visibility. Diving offers you an opportunity to experience an amazing tour of the natural underwater world, familiarize yourself with marine life and explore the spectacular coral reefs that are home to numerous species of unique and colorful fish.Eilat has 12 diving clubs who each have skilled and experienced staff waiting to guide and tutor you. The diving clubs offer services and tutoring for divers according to their level of experience; whether experienced, new or for those who have never tried before, diving for individuals or groups.
  1. VAT FREE Shopping, who doesn’t like shopping? We all love to buy and shopping has become an integral part any vacation! So who can pass up the offer of VAT FREE shopping? Eilat has many shopping centers, all offering a range of top international brands at VAT FREE prices. Most of the shops on the promenade and in the shopping centers are conveniently open until late night.
  2. One hour, 5 attractions, One boat! A perfect combination of excitement that promises to keep you cool! Buckle up and prepare yourself for an unforgettable watersport experience that includes “Crazy Shark” inflatable rides, ski surfboard, scuba gliding, dolphin watching and speedboat driving – all at a surprisingly great price.
  3. If you are renting a car, enjoy the journey to Eilat and enjoy numerous attractions on the way, that are each a trip in itself. Nature reserves, Hai Bar biblical animal nature reserve, agricultural tours, crocodile farm and visitor centers that together represent a fascinating mosaic of cooperative community life. www.goarava.co.il
  4. Climb to a height of 9 meters or drive fast go-karts on a professional open air track that overlooks the “Schoret Mountains” , exercise in a complex where real fighters actually train- Delta Tactical Paintball, a unique paintball complex that simulates  urban warfare.
  5. Eat at a local restaurant, Eilat offers plenty of culinary choices, explore the city and choose one of the many fantastic restaurants. Information on all restaurants can be found on the Eilat Plus app.
  6. Welcoming the Sabbath at one of the city’s beaches with great music, dinner and superb atmosphere. Hosted each Friday night on different beaches in Eilat. For further details please see the updates found on the Municipal Tourism Corporation website www.redseaeilat.co.il
  7. Cruise the Red Sea Gulf a superb day out for the entire family that includes lunch, diving, inflatables and lots of action.
  8. A night out at the renewed Tourist Center – A wide range of bars and pubs in a variety of different styles, here you’ll find  them all in one huge entertainment complex that offers a great night out whatever your taste maybe
  9. Explore magical hiking trails that wind between stone terraces and a rippling river in an ecological organic garden, the only of its kind in the world. Eilat Botanical Garden.