Are you a birder? Did you know that Israel’s ‘sun-fun city’ is also called the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Israeli birding?

Millions of migrating birds land in Eilat to rest and ‘refuel’ before continuing their miraculous journey from Africa to Europe and Asia.  Eilat’s location on the border of the Saharan Desert makes it one of the busiest migration areas in the world

Observe this colorful phenomenon at the Eilat Bird-Watching Park, from specially-constructed concealed ‘hides.’ Watch the birds refresh themselves at freshwater and saltwater pools. The largest bird movements occur between March and May when between 500 million – 1 billion birds pass through Israel’s desert skies. Many interesting species stop by in the autumn as well.

More than 420 species have been recorded to fly over Israel’s horizon and Eilat attracts new species annually. Experience the amazing parade of vibrant pelicans, storks, raptors, cranes and buzzards while they soar above. Learn more about the area’s rich local species and avifauna.

Explore Eilat’s surrounding’s further to encounter classic desert birds.  Trek to the mountains at the edge of town to see Bee-eaters, Desert Larks, Blackstarts, Wheatears, Sinai Rosefinch, Barbary Falcons and dozens more species.

Enthusiasts can head to Eilat’s north beach or inland to the southern Arava Valley to observe a range of rare species.

Visit more bird watching sites in the region at Timna Park, the Peace Trail and the Faran Scenic Lookout.

  • How do you get there?

From the Arava Road to Eilat (Route no. 90): At the northern entrance to the city, turn left and follow the signs to the Arava Terminal on the border with Jordan. Shortly before reaching the terminal, turn right towards the park.

From Eilat: Head north as you leave the city and drive towards the Jordanian border terminal. Turn right and follow the signs to the park.