What tickles your taste buds? A fresh, rich and luxurious breakfast, meat, fresh fish, barbeque, or perhaps something light? Maybe a latte with cake, salad, pizza, hamburger, ice cream or natural and healthy smoothies? And if you’re here why not try out one of the gourmet restaurants that offer a connoisseur meal made by some of the finest chefs, the choice is yours. Eilat offers a long and impressive list of restaurants .


Restaurants and cafes are located all over the city. Some of them can be found on the promenade and along our magnificent beaches, where you can enjoy a meal whilst taking in the beautiful surrounding landscapes. Others are in various parts of the city and shopping malls, so if you are on a shopping spree, city tour, taking a dip in the sea and feel like a small snack  – food is never far away. …..


In the city itself you will come across many leading brands of cafes which usually have several branches throughout the city. Alongside these well-known branches are several unique local cafes that are a shame to miss.

The best kitchens in the city are equipped with the best chefs and a skilled team of professional and courteous staff who always give service with a smile.