When you travel, part of the fun is discovering new things. However, it always helps to get the inside scoop on how to get things done quickly and easily. Below are some tips and tourist information to get your trip off on the right foot!



Since Israel is a major global tourist destination, direct flights are available from most major US and European cities. Connecting flights can be found from all major hubs. Major low-cost airlines now offer flights to Ovda Airport.



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To enter Israel, your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival. If you require a visa, contact the Israeli Embassy or Consulate where you live to obtain one.



Electrical current in Israel is 220 volts AC, single phase, 50 Hertz.
The electrical outlets used are types H and C. Most H outlets can also accept type C European two-pronged plugs.


Value-added tax refunds

Eilat is a VAT-free zone, but if you visit other places in Israel, foreign tourists may request VAT refunds on purchases made during their visits. Be sure to keep your receipts. More information about VAT refunds can be found here.


Currency exchange

The local currency is the shekel, and there are plenty of places to change money at the airport and throughout the city. When you exchange currency, make sure you are getting a proper rate. You can check on the official exchange rate here:


Most businesses do not accept foreign currency, so we recommend that you buy shekels. You can also use international credit cards to pay for purchase almost everywhere. To check the cost of things compared to the cost at home, you can do quick conversions here:



Transportation to and from the airport

Never fear, getting from the airport to Eilat (and vice versa) is simple and there are several options:

  • By bus– Bus line 282 operates from October 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017 according to the flight schedule (including Saturdays).
    Departure from Eilat: about three and a half hours before the flight departure from Ovda. The bus line runs first to the Taba Border Crossing, Derech Mitsrayim (road along the coast to Eilat), the northern hotel area, Ha’tmarim Blvd. (next to Eilat’s central bus station), and then heads to Ovda Airport.
    Departure from Ovda: 1 hour after landing. Bus route from Ovda Airport: Road no. 12, Ha’tmarim Blvd. (opposite Eilat’s Central Bus Station), northern hotel area, Derech Mitsrayim (road along the coast to Taba), Taba Border Crossing.


Ovda – Eilat (one-way) – NIS 21.5

Ovda-Eilat-Ovda (round trip) + free weekly pass in Eilat – NIS 55.

Free weekly bus pass in Eilat – NIS 39

Daily free bus pass in Eilat – NIS 6.70

*Bus tickets are also sold at Ovda Airport (in Israeli currency only).


For advance reservations:

By phone: Egged Customer Service Center – +972 3 6948888 (English, Arabic, Russian).

By internet: Soon to appear on the Egged website, www.egged.co.il

  • By shuttle– Shuttles to and from Ovda can be can be ordered through Ryanair, Monarch and Finnair. They are operated by Israel Tourist and Fun Time.

Shuttles for Ryanair travelers can be booked through the Ryanair website.

  • By taxi– Taba taxi stand: +972 8 6333339. Fares charged are as specified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.


Getting around town

Eilat is a small resort town, so you can walk almost everywhere, especially if you are staying at the north beach.

  • Bus – Egged offers bus service throughout the city, and pretty much every line can take you close to where you need to go. Bus fare: NIS 4.90.
  • Taxi – Because distances are short in Eilat, travel by taxi is relatively inexpensive. You can catch a cap from virtually any hotel or you can use Get Taxi, an app you can download on your phone and use to order a cab and pay by credit card.
  • Car rental – You can always decide to rent a car from one of the many rental companies in the city.


The weather

Eilat, the southernmost and sunniest city in Israel, enjoys great weather almost all year round. It almost never rains in Eilat, and the average humidity is 23%. Water temperature remains between 20°C-26°C, perfect for swimming, surfing and diving.

You can find detailed information about average weather conditions here.

When you’re out and about in the sun all day, don’t forget to drink lots of water.


In case of emergency…

While we certainly hope you won’t have any problems during your stay, it’s always good to have this type of information on hand. Better safe than sorry…

Police – dial 100

Ambulance – 101

Fire – 102


Some additional useful numbers

The following are some useful numbers that are always good to have on hand.

Information regarding flights at Eilat or Ovda Airports: 1-700-705-022

Ben-Gurion International Airport: +972 3 9754260

Eilat Tourist Information Office: 1 Bridge House, North Beach Promenade, Eilat. Telephone: +972 8 6309111

Eilat official tourism website:  http://eilat.city/en

With its desert landscapes, magical beaches and incredible underwater marine life, Eilat is Israel’s number one resort town. Come and discover yearlong fun in the sun, along with unbelievable surf and turf activities. Make Eilat your winter getaway!